Tappet Rapier Looms

Product Description:

GA788T Tappet rapier loom has been developed mainly with the idea that most of the factories. which are still using shuttle looms and actually want to change the shuttle looms to shuttleless rapier looms.but they have to make new building or put less quantity rapier loom because normal type of rapier loom size is larger than their old shuttle looms. In order to solve this problem. we designed a new model rapier loom Model GA788T, which occupy less space and keep same speed,this machine is suitable for making various plain fabric.

Main Techanical Parameters:

Reed Width: 140CM-230CM.
Speed: 200PPM.
Take Up: Mechanical Take Up.
Dia Of Roling up: 300mm.
Main Motor:

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This machine adopts computer programming control, high degree of automation.Double touch terry mechanism unique or servo mechanism.


LT868J high speed rapier loom was designed base on international market advanced looms, through continuous innovation, creating a new machine.