Plain Waterjet Looms

Product Description:

JW8-851 model is a professional model with improvement and innovation. machine let-off. shedding, taking-up, transmission system and whole parts are optimized and improved. It has capability for running at high speed stably and has good performance for weaving light and medium density fabric. the products have wide range use. The optional electronic let off (ELO), electronic take up (ETU). weft density variation and speed changing device can satisfy weaving demand for higher quality and more valuable fabrics.The options can be dobby shedding,single pump single-nozzle/double-nozzle;two-pump two-nozzle/three-nozzle/four-nozzle.

Main Techanical Parameters:

Reed With: 135,150,190,210,230,260,280,340CM
Filling Insertion Rate: 2,280m/min max.
Speed: Maximum 1000RPM (Working Speed Depend on Fabric Specification)
Heald Frame: Max. 8pcs for plain , 10pcs for cam, 16pcs for dobby.
Power: 1.5~4.5KW
Weft density: 5~60pick/cm

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