Jequard shedding Rapier Looms

Product Description:

LT868J high speed rapier loom was designed base on international market advanced looms, through continuous innovation, creating a new machine. This machine adopt microcomputer processing system to control the whole process of weaving. It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, weaving various and high quality fabrics.

Main Techanical Parameters:

Reed Width: 190CM,210CM,230CM,280CM,360CM.
Speed: 300r/Min ~4 30r/Min.
Fabric Weight: 30 ~ 800g/m2.
Weft selection: 8 color electronic color selector.
Take Up: Electronic Take Up by servo motor drive, cloth roller dia 550mm.
Dia Of Roling up: 560mm.
Main Drive: 3-phase motor , 4kw, sumo motor(optional).

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This machine adopts computer programming control, high degree of automation.Double touch terry mechanism unique or servo mechanism.