Dobby shedding Rapier Looms

Product Description:

This machine adopts computer programming control, high degree of automation. Double touch terry mechanism unique or servo – mechanism, at the same time, can weave the level terry loop, weave type terry loop, and reed reliable self-locking, prevent ‘dilute microgroove’. Terry beam by using electronic warp tension detecting mechanism, the warp tension always keep uniform.Weaving satin by cramming motion, electromagnetic clutch, brake alternate control, or by a servo take-up, servo warp, short reaction time and accuracy.

Main Techanical Parameters:

Reed Width: 200CM-280CM.
Speed: 220RPM.
Range Of Counts: (Wool And Wasted Yarn):680 text(1.5Nm)~5 text(120Ne).
Take Up: Mechanical Take Up, Electronic Take Up(optional).
Dia Of Roling up: 560mm.
Main Motor: 0.8kw.

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